A Fledgling Model of the Universe

  • What if the predictions of the Dirac equation are right but the standard interpretation since 1934 has been only half right?
  • What if the single "unified force" is very much single and still at work today, not just in the earliest moments of the universe?
  • What if Richard Feynman was right and large-scale gravity is only a pseudo-force?
  • What if Dark Matter is an illusion caused by misunderstanding gravity?
  • What if mass can be negative as well as positive?
  • What if Dark Energy can be explained by the repulsive effects of negative mass?
  • What if Donald Hotson, Malcolm MacGregor and Paolo Palazzi were heading in the right direction?
  • What if Lee Smolin was right to hint that neutrinos and photons might be symmetric aspects of the same thing?

This site explores these questions and beyond.

Mark Ridler, September 2018

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